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One of the most frequent requests Evolution Integrated Technology receives is, "Make my visualization system easy to use." Evolution Integrated Technology's Touch Control System accomplishes exactly this.ONE DEVICE TO MANAGE YOUR ENTIRE SYSTEM
    Control system is standard with all new Evolution Integrated Technology audio visual (AV) and visualization systems and can also be provided as an upgrade to existing customer facilities. Features include the ability for automated system shutdown to reduce power consumption and environmental impact. Simple Main Screen for Preset Screen and Source Selections: All components and main features in the system are accessible from one screen. Simple Video Wall Screen with Dynamic Multi-Windowing: A graphic representation of the display representing size and positioning of windows as they appear on that display.
    Available on Evolution Integrated Technology and non-Evolution Integrated Technology systems:
 Auditoriums or theatre rooms,
 Classrooms,
 Immersive environments,
 Video conferencing,
 Command and control,
And much more!
     EIT makes controlling your system as easy as touching a screen. Programmable presets allow users to save frequently used configurations such as "Weekly Meeting" or "Engineering's Preferences". In applications with multiple on-screen windows:
 Individual windows can be selected, by touch, for fast resizing or repositioning on the projection display.
 Touch to resize.
 Touch to move.
 Image adjustment is incremental, so sizing is accurate.
 Return to original settings with one quick touch.
 Sources and image sizes can be preset and saved for fast retrieval